Types of Events to Host at a Country Club

A country club is much more than a place of relaxation. It is also a place for the hosting of various events by members and non-members. Here are the different types of events to host in a country club.


Country clubs are awesome venues for weddings. Country clubs usually have gorgeous interiors. Wedding guests can also be accommodated at the country club, with food and drinks being catered by the club.

Bridal or Baby Showers

A bride can host her bridal shower at a country club. No matter the time of the day she decides to host it, a country club can provide food, space, and accommodation for the event. Also, a mother-to-be can host her baby shower in a country club with food and drinks served to her guests while she opens her gifts.

Family Reunions

A country club is the best place for a family reunion. There is enough space for the kids to play as well as enough recreational activities for the adults. The scenic atmosphere of a country club is the perfect opportunity for a family photo.


Birthdays are great occasions that everyone desires to celebrate with some pomp and pageantry if they can afford to. So, a country club is a perfect place for hosting a birthday party. You will find food, drinks, accommodation, and activities.

Corporate Meetings or Retreats

Companies can host a corporate meeting or retreat in a country club. Country clubs have facilities for corporate meetings like a conference hall or room, internet or Wi-Fi, office equipment as well as food, drinks, and accommodation for corporate guests.

Member or Guest Dinners

Depending on the admission policy of a country club, it is a perfect place for a dinner meeting or to meet family and friends. Country clubs in the US, are perfect for every event.